I get to do some amazing work for a company that is environmentally conscious and has provided me the opportunity to really flex my leadership skills. Currently, I’m working on my Senior Reactor Operator license with the hopes of developing myself professionally in a very unique industry.


I studied Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering at UIUC where I also did research on plasma and fusion technology. Nowadays, I spend my time listening to podcasts about supreme court cases and discussing emerging technologies with my friends.


The days of home-brew plasma torches and elaborate 3D prints are over. Instead, I’ve allocated more time to work on my motorcycle and mastering my kitchen recipes. Of course, my life would be boring if I didn’t tinker a little. Next up is forging a knife and building a smoker.


Photography has always been secondary to travel and exploring. I’ve always leaned towards small platforms with wide lenses to capture everything, but recently, I’ve become fascinated with the artistic component of photography. I think I’ll be playing around a bit more with composition and post-processing in the coming months.

Let’s chat. Whether it’s about new projects, website improvements, or government conspiracies, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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