• This website took an embarrassingly long time to put together. I read somewhere that writing about your thoughts is good for your mental health. Either way, creating this blog has been on my to-do list for quite awhile. Think of this as my personal journal with all of the bias, angst, and poor grammar associated with teenage drama. Don’t take anything too seriously because in all likely hood, stories have been embellished and/or censored. With that said, you may occasionally run into a password protected post done so for others’ and my privacy.

    I’ve categorized posts into stories, galleries, and notes. Stories are little snippets of my life that I feel are worth sharing. Galleries are collections of albums and such with my idea of good photos. Notes are random rantings which may range from opinion pieces about politics to reviews of products and services. I have no affiliations, but everything you read here you can take as corporate propaganda. As the site grows, I may add more categories and much more spam. Expect the quality to go down hill fast. Welcome to this little slice of chaos I call my life.

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